Theory of Input Output

This is the theory related to yantras, that is the geometrical shapes that Lord Brahma designed while creating the world. These geometrical figures are extremely auspicious. They were infused with the spirituality of the presiding Deity at the time of divine creation. Wealth, money and prosperity can be easily attained once you understand the theory of input and output of Brahma’s yantras. They work as a machinery such that the input of these yantras yields the output of wealth, money and prosperity. There are three primary theories that you need to be aware of:

1. The input of sri yantra is the shraddha daanam that we offer to God every day.
2. The kaamdhenu yantra requires the input of gau graas danam.
3. The kuber yantra symbolises the interest that we pay to Lord Kuber when we take aloan from him (Divine currency).

These yantras help us develop ourselves as respectable members of society with immense income, wealth, peace and prosperity.