why our product ?

Pooja is an essential part of our daily routine. Doing Pooja is a very effective method of gaining prosperity in life. It helps to maintain household peace, financial strength, and emotional balance.

There are various Pooja materials that we need to have during the pooja ceremony. Few requisites are essential to make a puja complete. PRAYEVERYDAY provides the devotees with all new ranges of materials that one will need for the completion of pooja everyday.


# A mandir for any home should always be based on the vastu theory of income and expenditure; which is (aay and vay). According to the theory that was advanced in Viswa Karma Vidya Prakash, a mandir must have dhwajaaay. The mandir that we have here is based on the calculations of DhwajaAay.
# Our Mandir does not consist of iron content as iron attracts all the negative energies.
# Our Mandir has three separate drawers.
     1. A drawer for guru daanam.
     2. A drawer for gau grass daanam.
     3. A drawer for shraddhadaanam.
# This is a mandir by PRAY EVERYDAY which gives you the facility of KUBER TIJORI.
# The mandir has ample space. It is openable from both sides.
# The mandir is compact and well-planned. It can accommodate three yantras, two photo frames of good omen and four photo frame of deities.
# This is the mandir provided by us, which gives you the chance of following the ritual of Good Luck Charm and Divine Currency Loan.


We usually worship the paper printed colored motifs. But PRAY EVERYDAY has brought murties with base metal in a very pocket-friendly budget.

There are three ranges or the value of the photo frame.
1. Copper is the basic value.
2. Silver plated is the middle value.
3. Gold plated is the elite value.

Murtis have become more aesthetic than that of the photo frames or pictures of GOD and GODDESS oriented in the calendars. So, here are the murtis that are affordable and PRAN PRATISHTHA POOJA can be done. Worshipping murtis are more effective and make a puja complete.

divine currency

The divine currency that we have is very powerful. The divine coins are kept in the divinity banks. They are promoted by Ishta Devta. The governor of the Divinity Banks is Yaksha Raj Kuber, the Lord of money. Divine currency does not have any materialistic value in society. It surely has the spiritual and divine power to cure all your financial problems.

Divine Currency is:
1. A lucky charm.
2. A blessing to you from Ishta Dev.
3. Faith in this currency leads a financially debt-free life.

good omen

Omens are believed to signify the advent of change and also foretell the future. Omens are simply messages from God. The message can be positive, which is called GOOD OMEN, or it can be negative, which is called BAD OMEN.
SUBH SHAKUN is the doctrine of GOOD OMEN. Shakun Shashtra in Indian mythology is known as the messenger of God. The Shakun Shashtra is followed by all the vastushashrties and explained in the VastuShashtra.

The GOOD OMENS that we provide are:


The Yantra is a mystical diagram. Its origin is from Tantric traditions in Hindu mythology. Yantras are in association with a particular deity, and they are for specific benefits. To do away with evil forces in your life, trusting the positive power of Yantras is the best way. These are the geometrical figures created with calculations by Lord Bramha. They are a source of enriched positivity.

Most powerful Yantras in Indian Mythology are:
1. Shree Kamdhenu Yantra.
2. Shree Kuber Yantra.
3. Shree Yantra.

PRAY EVERYDAY keeps all the above stated products to give you a life that is full of peace and prosperity.