Question:- What do you mean by Pray everyday ?
Ans:- Pray Everyday’ is the name of our Organisation.
By this we want to convey a message that one should pray everyday as prayers are really

Question:- Why should we do pray everyday ?
Ans:- Prayer acts as a bridge between you and God. By praying we not always mean to
demand something. Moreover, one should also pray to express gratitude. Praying everyday
fills your mind with positivity and provides mental peace along with helping you fulfill your
spiritual and materialistic demands.

Question:- What facilities should be there in the house of God or Mandir ?
Ans:-Temple ( a.k.a. mandir or house of God) is the most significant aspect when it comes
to prayers. A temple should have following facilities:-
1. It should be designed according to the ‘vastu’ theories. It should have provisions for
‘dhawaz’ and ‘aaya’ in its design.
2. The mandir should have provisions to store:
a. Gau grass daanam   b. Guru seva daanam   c. Ishta dev daanam
3. It should have adequate space to accommodate at least 4 photo-frames of devtas, 2
photo-frames of Good Omen and 3 essential Hindu yantras..
4. It should not be made of any materials that are considered as impure such as iron and steel and no two murties of God should be kept facing each other.

Question:- What are the Karmakand activities of everyday Pooja ?
Ans:- 1. You should place the mandir (vastu compliant) in hygienic spot north-east corner of your house.
2. Get seated infront of it and ring the bell to sound sweet waking alarm.
3. After sliding the front curtain slowly, open the side panels and slide the curtain of side panels.
4. Remove the old malas (garlands) and clean the mandir with a cloth.
5. Use a sprayer to spray ganga jal for pavitrikaran and gulab jal to create an aroma in mandir.
6. Now put fresh garlands around the deities and do the pooja.
7. After completion of pooja and aarti, put some gau daanam, guru daanam and dev daanam
in respective drawers.
8. Bow down to all the deities, yantras and Good Omen photo-frames and start a new day
with confidence and positivity.

Question:- Why two deities should not face each other ?
Ans:-It is an old tradition and vastu rule that two deities should not face each other. This is the reason why the Pray Everyday team have designed their mandirs (house of God) with doors on both the sides. We have also put curtains on the photo-frames of deities on the left and right side of the mandir. It is all designed to avoid two deities face each other.

Question:- Why should we use artificial garlands ?
Ans:- Though fresh flower garlands are the best for pooja purpose. However, in today’s
hectic life it is very difficult to procure fresh flower garlands daily. So, we advise use of
garlands made of satin cloths.

Question:- Why we advice to use seven garlands ?
Ans:- We suggest seven garlands (with different colours) to be used for seven days of week
so as to synchronize with the ruling planet for the particular day.
Red – Sunday (Sun)
white:-Monday (moon)
Red:- Tuesday (mars)
Green:- Wednesday (mercury)
Yellow:- Thursday (jupiter)
White:- Friday (venus)
Blue: Saturday (saturn)
Red:- Sunday (Sun)

Question:- What is the use of Ganga jal and Gulab jal ?
Ans:- Ganga jal makes the surroundings pure and poise (pavitrikaran), and Gulab jal is
spread for an aromatic feeling at the time of prayer.

Question:- What is the theory of photo-frames of Gods and Goddesses ?
Ans:- The usual tradition in India is to use printed photos of Gods and Goddesses for daily worship as they are easily available and affordable. However, we advise our clients to use murties made of stone or any metal. But since such murtis are expensive, hence general public avoids using them. To resolve this issue, we have created photo-frames of deities in base metal of copper and then plated these with silver and gold. These photo-frames are called low relief in architectural terms. These murties are engraved over a metal plate of “copper”. Unlike paper printed photos, we can do the pranprathista ritual for these murties.

Question:- Why we advise placing Good Omen frames in pooja mandir and in the house?
Ans: -Good Omen is a message of God. It shows that blessing of God is coming your way. Every civilization has its own set of Good Omen. These omens are not superstitions. When good omens occur naturally, it is very good. But since it is not possible to see such omens naturally, we at Pray Everyday created photo-frames of selected Good Omens in base metal “copper”. The implant of these omens is equally effective after performing the ritual of
pavitrikaran or pranpratishta.

Question:- Why are we putting photo-frames of cow feeding a calf and a serpent climbing a tree in pooja mandir ?
Ans:- Cow and serpent (gau mata and nag devta) are deemed as semi Gods in our
mythology. We worship them in our daily life, so we advise to place these photo-frames in
pooja mandir.

Question:- What is the concept of Divinity Banks, Divine currency and Kuber Tijori ?
Ans:- The concept of a bank in the name of our ishta dev is a new concept in worshiping
God. Banks are meant to provide loan to customers when needed. This bank, in the name of
your ishta dev, does the same. It provides loan to its customers (worshiper of concerned
devta) when required, without any introduction, KYC, guarantee or collateral. These are the only banks that give loan to make their customers rich. They don’t accept any deposit. Your
everyday pooja acts as a deposit. They have immense capital provided by concerned devta.
The rate of interest has to be decided by the customer himself as per his choice and income.
These banks float their own divine currency. These currency coins are signed by “yakshraj
kuber” who has been appointed as governor of this bank by the concerned devta. These
divine currency coins come in denomination of 1 paisa, 1 rupee, 10 rupee, 100 rupee, 1000rupee, 10000 rupee and 100000 rupee. All these coins except 1 paisa are embossed with photo of your chosen ishta dev with the name of bank engraved around the impression. The other side of the coin is embossed with the signature of Yakshraj Kuber and denomination of the currency. 1 paisa coin is embossed with photo of Kamdhenu cow. The coins have no materialistic value in real world but for the faithful worshipers they have spiritual value of
their own. Now come to the third part of the concept i.e, kuber tijori. This is a box fixed in
pray everyday pooja mandir.

Now how to operate the kuber tijori and how to get loan?
1. Please put the divine currency in kuber tijori.
2. This process of this theory has to done in evening every day.
3. Every evening before opening the kuber tijori, bow down to your ishta devta and pray him
your wish.
4. Open the kuber tijori and you will see that divine currency coming out from tijori falling on
mandir’s floor.
5. You pick one coin of 1 paisa because it is a good luck sign for you to keep it in your wallet or pocket.
6. Then pick one more coin of any denomination and consider it as a loan from your deity.
Keep these two coins in your wallet or pocket, then next day put both coins once again in
kuber tijori. For this 1 paisa coin you have not to pay interest but for the loan coin you will have to pay interest of your liking. Put the interest in dev daanam drawer. Repeat the same activity next day. Continue to repeat this activity everyday and soon you will see that your money problems vanishing. Soon you will become a debt free person. All your money needs will be met by the God almighty.
Now a simple question arise why are we doing these activities ? How these actions will solve my economic problems ? Why are we repeating these activity in evening ? The answer lies in the Good Omen theory. In Good Omen theory falling of currency or overflowing currency from currency chest is considered as a very Good Omen and it increases the in-flow of money. This theory is of general currency in circulation (in this case, it is divine currency blessed and floated by God almighty or say your ishta dev). We advise you to do this every evening as it is believed that Good Omen gets activated after 12 hours and remains active for next 12 hours. The Good Omen will get activated the next morning and will remain active for all the day long. Practicing it daily, imparts a great positive effect on your mind, body and soul. Soon you start attracting positive changes in your life, such as:
1. You will receive blessings of your ishta dev and your entire monetary problem will be
2. It will help you believe that your ishta dev loves you and will help you in solving your problem.
3. It ensures you that there is a bank who has faith in you and will sanction you loan without
any questions asked.
4. It will make you confident that you can very well take a loan and repay it with the interest.
5. Instils in you the confidence that you are able to (with the blessing of your ishta dev)
increase your income, solve your problem, get rich, be debt free and in long run you can be
a loan provider to others.

Question:- Who was the first God to accept Daanam from devotees ?
Ans:- Lord Vishnu

Question:- Who was the first Man to offer Daanam ?
Ans:- Sage Maudgallya

Question:- What was the first thing to be given as Daanam ?
Ans:- Few corns of barley

Question:- What happened when Daanam was accepted ?
Ans:- Lord Vishnu blessed sage Maudgallaya with immense wealth.

Question:- What Lord Vishnu said at the time of accepting Daanam ?
Ans:- Lord Vishnu said to Maudgallaya ”My son how can I bless you with material benefits
unless you give something to me as Daanam”.