Shree Kamlesh Kumar Sharma

Having Degree of “SASTRI” in shukla Yajurveda from JAGADGURU RAMANANDACHARYA (Rajasthan Sanskrit University)
He is the incharge of our Pran-Prathistha Section.


Pran Prathistha is a very misinterpreted word. Persons Unknown to Hinduism, often ask does Pran Prathistha means making an object live? Really by Pran Prathistha we in Hinduism means that we enrise and purify the object so that the object became Prithisthit in our mind and thaught thereby connecting us with the Lord. We at Pray Everyday has divided our Pran Prathistha wing in three parts.

First wing:- “Pavitrikaran” of every object that you purchase from our organisation. We do the ritual of Manglacharan , Ganesh Stuti , Guru Stuti , Swasti Vachan & Shanti Path i.e. every piece purchased from this organisation irrespective of price has to go through these rituals before being dispatched. All these rituals are free of any charges.

Second Wing:- In this wing we do Pran Prathistha of Photo Frames of Gods and Goddess, Frames of yantras , Frames of Shagun (Good Omen)and Divine Currency. These items are suitable for Pran Prathistha process. If you want to go through the rituals of Pran Prathistha for these items, these rituals will be followed—Manglacharan , Ganesh stuti , Guru stuti , Swasti Vachan & shanti path. Then Pran Prathistha havan & Aarti. The process of this Pran Prathistha consumes a time of 2 hours and the charges for the same will be Rs- 2499/- (including GST).

Third Wing:- The Vastu pooja is to be done for Pooja Mandir because Pooja Mandir is an object where God lives so it becomes an abode if living. In Vastu Pooja the following rituals are adopted— ManglaCharan , Ganesh Stuti , Guru Stuti , Swasti Vachan , Shanti Path , Vastu Havan & Aarti. If any client wants to do Shanku Poojan also, then he will have to specially mention it. The charges for Vastu Pooja is Rs- 2499/- (including GST) only and add 100 for Shanku Pooja. All the material used will be procured by the organisation are is included in the charges.

Mantra used in this process:-

(Pran-Pratishtha Samagri)

1.roli , 2.moli , 3.chandan , 4.supari , 5.long , 6.elaichi , 7.pili sarso , 8.janeo(yago pawit) , 9.abir , 10.gulal , 11.itra , 12.karpoor , 13.ghee(cow) , 14.rue , 15.match box , 16.paan(nagar bel) , 17.fruits(5 types) , 18.flower mala , 19.pancha amrit , 20.gangajal , 20.gulab jal , 21.sudh jal , 22.dub , 23.dab , 24.sweets(naiwaidam) , 25.akshat(chawal)
Note:- We will provide CD of your pran-pratishtha pooja.

(Vastu-Sastra Samagri)

1.yellow cloth(1 m), 2.hara dhaan, 3.pila dhaan, 4.kaala dhaan, 5.lal dhaan,6.akshat , 7.tambe ka lota,8.shree phal, 9.pushp mala, 10.sudh jal, 11.ganga jal, 12.shanku, 13.vastra, 14.naivaidam, 15.hawan samagri:-a. kali til,b. agar-tagar, c. kamal gatta, d. indra jau,d. beel giri,e. guggl, f. nagar motha, g. karpur kachari, h. daru haldi,i. nav grah samidha,j. kast(samidha), k. kande(cow dong),l. chandan powder, m. hawan kund, n. sruva(hawan vast)
Note:- We will provide CD of your Vastu-Sastra pooja.