Vastu Pooja:- Mandir
Pran-Pratistha:- Photo-Frames of Gods & Goddesses, Good Omen Frames, Yantras, Divine Currency and other accessories.

When you prefer for vastu pooja or pran-pratistha pooja you will have to follow this ritual.
After booking your request, we will send you a copper hand band strip to wear around your right wrist and a cap to wear. If you are married then we will send two strips and two caps to wear for both of you.
After receiving the package please wear the wrist band and cap for 7 days. After completion of seven days send the used wrist band and cap back to us. These will be used as your representative in your pooja.
During the seven days of wearing these items we advise you to:-
1. Avoid Non-veg foods
2. Avoid Alchohal
3. Avoid Sex
4. Pray God everyday

These items will be used as a representative of yourself and return back to you along with pooja prashad and the item you purchased.
Note:- If you prefer vastu pooja and pran-pratistha pooja at the same time then charges for this combined pooja will be Rs 3699/- only. Our charges include all samagri, Brahaman Dakshina and GST.