If you have questions about our ordering policies or how to order one of our items online, please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions to the below, or contact our Customer Service department using one of the methods outlined below.
Customer Service Number :- +91-9982205205
Email id :- info@prayeveryday.in

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before purchasing any item from us.

Can I order any single piece of item from your website ?

Yes, you can. Every item available on our website can be ordered individually or in a package form.

Can I gift your item as a gift to my friend?

Yes, You can gift our items as a gift to your friends and relatives.

We are a corporate body. We want to gift some of your items to our clients. Can you Put our organisation's name over your products?

Yes, We provide these services but you will have to give a longer time frame according to quantity of your order.

What if I purchase an item and then I see it somewhere else cheaper?

You can’t find these products anywhere else because these are our own products and we didn’t give anyone else to sell this.

Can I change my order?

Once we receive your order we get to work on it right away. This means that changes or cancellations are not always possible. You should also know that once an order is placed, it cannot be changed online. With all of this in mind, we still do understand that sometimes you want to ask us to try, so you may contact Customer Service to make a request for a change or cancellation. We will make our best efforts to apply the requested change. If the item is shipped then you can not change the order but before the shipment, Pran-Prathistha, Vastu Pooja of item, We can change your order.

When do I get my refund once I have returned an item?

We realize that refunds are a priority for our customers. Once we have received and inspected the item we are usually able to apply the refund onto the original payment card within one week. Keep in mind that due to shipping, inspection and bank processing times it sometimes takes up to 30 days from the date that you return the item for the refund to appear on your card.

I have a complaint, who should I speak to?

We want to know immediately when you are unhappy about your experience with Prayeveryday. Please call, chat or email Customer Service right away and we will make our best efforts to address your concern.

Do you offer discounts on large quantity orders?

Yes, we offer discount on large quantity. We give 15% discount on the purchase of above Rs 19999/- and 10% on the purchase of above Rs 9999/-.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

Rs 50/- will be taken if your order is below Rs 500/-.

How long will delivery take?

Usually, it takes 2 weeks time to make the delivery. But if you wish to opt for Pran-Prathistha and/or Vastu Pooja then it may take further 1 or 2 weeks time.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

We have secure shopping portal and all the data of our clients are protected.

What exactly happens after ordering?

You will get email and/or message on registered email id and mobile number confirming your order , time line for the dispatch of your item and the invoice of your order.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you will get proper invoice of your order.

I want to purchase Mandir, Photo-frames of Gods, Good Omen and Yantras what should i do?

You are welcome to enter the world of pray everyday. Simply you have to select any product and place an order.

I have a wooden mandir in my home can i purchase other products?
yes, You are welcome to purchase any single product of out organisation. Each product is individually available.
I have a wooden mandir but i want to purchase your mandir along with other products, is their any discount on upgradation?
yes, please visit our site and open the package page. There you find a good discount package your needs.
I have a marble mandir i want to avail the magic of good omen and kuber tijori ?
yes, please visit our site. These products are individually available. You can order for your marble mandir also.
How many photo-frames should be put in Pray everyday pooja mandir ?
There is no limit but we suggest four photo-frames of Gods And Goddesses, two photo-frames of good omens and three photoes of yantras.
How many garlands should i purchase ?
The minimum quantity of garlands is a set of seven garlands. You can purchase in multiplication of same.
Can we put good omen photo-frames in our rooms ?
Yes, Please visit our good omen section.
How many sets of divine currency should i purchase ?
minimum order should be of 1 set(seven coins).
Can vastu pooja and pran-prathistha can be done at jointly ?
No, Both pooja will be done separately and the charges are also different for both.