1. Value based Discount
a. 1 to 5000 No Discount
b. 5001 to 10000                             5% Discount(AUTOMATIC)
c. 10001 and above                        10% Discount(AUTOMATIC)

2. Marriage Gift Discount (Use code MARRIAGE10)
If as a loving father you want to gift your daughter our products in her marriage which are products for happiness, wealth and peaceful married life, you are most welcome. As a token of your affection and love to your daughter we, own our part will be happy to offer you a special Discount of 10 % on your order.

3. Up-gradation of Mandir (Use code UPGRADE10)
If you want to upgrade your old mandir and buy new prayeveryday mandir, then you will get Discount of 10% on your order.

These special discounts are over and above value based discounts.